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Hey you!

Last weekend I went to an event at the seaside (Knokke), which is called Zoute Grand Prix.
This event is all about cars.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself: ‘why’d she go there?’. Well, in the first place because my brother is a huuuuge fan of cars. He likes everything with an overwhelming sound when accelerating (which boy doesn’t haha). So, as a result, he wants to go to the event each year.
As the supportive sister I am, I joined! But I do have to say that I’m completely in love with the Mercedes-AMG G 63,G 65 (see picture above), and of course I also LOVE oldtimers!

Besides joining the event, I love going to the seaside because there are a lot of ‘one of a kind’ boutiques. For instance, the mohair sweater comes from Sketch, my favourite shop by the way! 

Little more about the outfit now. I absolutely adore the bootcut jeans; skinny at the upper leg and wide at the bottom. This one comes from Seven for All Mankind, but you can also find a similar one at Zara for example. 
I combined it with a cosy, mohair sweater and a shirt.

Because the weather was great last weekend, I didn’t have to wear a jacket and I could put on my sunglasses (icing on a cake for this outfit haha!).
To get a bit of rock-n-roll into this outfit, you can always add a pair of
huge earrings and a scarf & you’re ready to go!

Sweater – Acne Studios
Sunglasses – Fendi
Shirt – Zara
Scarf – Mango 
Jeans – Seven for all Manking
Bag – Saint Laurent

Love, E.




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