Unicorn analysis


Hi there again!

With Morobé, we base our outfits on our shoes, not the other way around

You guys probably know Morobé, right? If not, it’s a Belgian shoe label, based in Antwerp and founded by the talented designer, Virginie Morobé.

As I’m a major fan of the collection, I bought the Ravenna pair! They made me think of a unicorn, because of their incredible cuddliness and the perfect pink colour – so that explains the title, haha!
Besides, in the financial world a ‘unicorn’ is a successful start-up with a specific amount of value. As the firm was founded in 2015, we can definitely consider Morobé a start-up, and an outstanding one at that! 



I would describe the style of this label as rock with a feminine touch. Combine a pair of these babies with a simple outfit and you’re good to go! And that’s exactly what I did: I kept it quite simple, while adding some details to give my look that little extra. For instance, fishnet stockings are perfect to keep your look up-to-date!

As the Ravenna is quite girly itself, I looked for pieces to make it a bit more rock-‘n-roll: I chose for a simple combo of denim and black. Black is a must for a balanced outfit! I also selected a jacket with some leather details, as I love to play with different kinds of fabrics (the shoes are velvet!).
Furthermore, I’m wearing a Leopard scarf to bring the Ravenna-style back into the overall look.

As you can see, I wanted the shoes to be the star of the outfit. 😉 The slogan really explains it all!
Check out their website for more!

okei okk

Jacket – Zadig&Voltaire 
Sweater – Massimo Dutti
Pants – M. Grifoni 
Shoes – “Ravenna” Morobé 
Scarf – Louis Vuitton

OH pssssh: I’ve got some exciting news coming up! I got the chance to exclusively interview Morobé, and asked some interesting questions about the characteristics of the label (ofc I got some reaaally interesting answers for you too)!


Love, E.



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