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Do you know Ilke Cop?
As I got the honour of meeting her and checking out the (fifth) collection of her own label ‘ILKECOP’, I wanted to share this experience with you! So read on and meet this artistic lady.
Her collection embodies three main elements; sustainable, joyful and inspirational.



CSR is embedded in the brand! And with great reason.
To start with, she is a member of Generation T, an organisation that tries to make companies aware of sustainable business solutions. Therefore, she translates sustainability into her collection: the fiber mostly comes from Italy or France. Furthermore, the label often buys surplus stock from other brands and recycles the material. And last but not least, all pieces are produced in Belgium! 

METEOR Trousers Long


When I asked her about the underlying mission of her collection and business, she immediately responded “I want to bring back fun into fashion!”.

Do you have that one piece in your closet that you really love and never want to throw away? Well, that’s exactly the kind of piece she wants to create! To her, clothing has to be innovative yet qualitative, something you fall in love with! ILKECOP stands for color, quality, sustainability and convenience.    



Ilke has always been inspired by the artistic feel and mindset of her parents, which led her to be the creative person she is right now. Concerning her label, each collection is based on a particular subject. For instance, the SS’17 collection found its ground in science fiction.

This being said, you can see that the label’s main statement fits the design:  “Urban couture for the non-conformist”!

Et voilà, a small introduction into the world of ILKECOP!

PS: She’s recently launched the webshop, so hurry and pick your fav pieces before they’re gone!

Love, E.

NUCLEAR Kimono Dress


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