Long-Term Investment


Hi everyone!

Long term investment, a title with many meanings… For me personally, only two things come to mind: labels (Read: Morobé!) & love.

First of all, the ‘love’ part. A few weeks ago, it was my cousin’s wedding day.

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NPV Bags

Looking for the perfect IT-bag?
Then read on, ladies, ‘cause this post is all about finding yours at a reasonable price!

I truly believe every girl deserves a stylish bag. A bag that makes you feel confident and special.

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Business Proof #2


Hello there!

As I promised you last time, here’s the update on Business Proof! I told you I’d come up with 3 different looks: an informal one, a business casual one and a formal one. As my second look, I

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Unicorn analysis


Hi there again!

With Morobé, we base our outfits on our shoes, not the other way around

You guys probably know Morobé, right? If not, it’s a Belgian shoe label, based in Antwerp and founded by the talented

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Business Proof #1


Wondering how to dress for business events?

Ever heard of the Big Four? If you haven’t, nevermind, I’ve got the information for you! 😉
The Big Four (KPMG, PwC, Deloitte & EY) are the four largest enterprises providing services for

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Competitive advantage


Hello again!

When looking at certain fashion blogs, it might frustrate you how these almost only combine high-end brands . This means: expensive.  Therefore, I’d like to give you some tips on how to create a competitive advantage: a fashionable
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Idle Time: part 1


Hi there! 

As you all know, I’m a university student in Leuven. This means I live in Leuven during the week and go home for the weekend (it’s a Belgian tradition, haha!).

Although Leuven is a well-known city, cosy coffee

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