NPV Bags

Looking for the perfect IT-bag?
Then read on, ladies, ‘cause this post is all about finding yours at a reasonable price!

I truly believe every girl deserves a stylish bag. A bag that makes you feel confident and special.
After all, it is the most important accessory to upgrade your look, don’t you think? 😉

Unfortunately, IT-bags nowadays, as for example Chanel or Céline, are really expensive. Personally, I don’t mind spending that much money, as I think it can be seen as an investment. I use my bags for years and years, so I get a positive net present value (NPV) in the end.
To add a little bit of Finance; NPV means the total reward you get from it, is higher than the price paid

But hey, who says you can’t find that perfect bag for less money, right?
Check out my hand-picked alternatives below. All of these beauties range from €55 to €495!


  1. See by Chloé – 255
  2.  & other stories – 55  
  3.  American Vintage – €245
  4.  Rough Studios – € 299
  5. Marc Jacobs – €319
  6. McQ Alexander McQueen – € 495
  7. Essentiel – €165
  8. Massimo Dutti – €149
  9. Gucci – € 495
  10. Sandro – $325

PS: Holidays are coming 😉 

Love, E.

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