Make-or-Buy Decision

Hey you!

First of all, I’m sorry for my lack of posts the last few weeks! Because I have exams in January, life just isn’t that exciting this time of year… Except for some Christmas parties and NYE, studying is pretty much all I do these days. However, I did manage to squeeze in a bit of time for some much needed shopping.

From the moment I entered the first shop, I couldn’t keep my eyes of a grungy, black sweater from 8PM. And although my first instinct was ‘buy, buy, buy’, I decided to challenge myself for once: ‘How could I create something similar myself?’.  

My search for the perfect (affordable) black sweater began. I ended up in Pull&Bear, where I found a simple, oversized, black piece that I could easily customize (€17,95). Once bought, I let my inner creativity unleash itself.
I cut off the bottom (25cm shorter), and cut three slices into each sleeve.


Et voilà, here’s my result: black, rock-‘n-roll and a little over the top! I thought this was the perfect way to explain the title – make-or-buy decision – to you. In the business world, companies need to make these kind of choices all the time: in-house production or outsourcing (= hiring another company to do the job)?

So next time you’re thinking of buying an expensive piece, consider all the costs and benefits you will receive from it, ‘cause as you can see, sometimes you can just as easily make a similar piece yourself 😉


Send me your thoughts and ideas on!

Original sweater – Pull&Bear
Pants – Stradivarius 
Jacket – The Kooples
Boots – Timberland

Love, E.


8PM Sannio Nero

Source: 8PM, € 115 

Source: FILLES A PAPA , € 207


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