Long-Term Investment


Hi everyone!

Long term investment, a title with many meanings… For me personally, only two things come to mind: labels (Read: Morobé!) & love.

First of all, the ‘love’ part. A few weeks ago, it was my cousin’s wedding day. It was an amazing, fairy like event at one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen. Naturally, I thought of buying a one-of-a kind dress. Although, that would have been a pity, because I wouldn’t be able to wear it very often.


Therefore, as an alternative, I started to look for some classic pieces I could combine in a chic look, while still being able to wear them later on. Casual or chic? Mix & match to find your perfect outfit! However, as it was a wedding, I felt like I needed a little something to stand out. And that’s where my amazing Morobé shoes came to the rescue! These booties definitely completed the look.



That brings me to the second part of my article: labels. Sooo, I got the chance to interview Morobé! Not only did I ask them all about how they founded the brand, I also got some information on their future plans and financial resources.
After all, the blog is still called Fashion
& Finance, haha!
Read the exciting interview below.



When did you set up the brand?
“The label was created in February 2015. We presented it to the press in April. At the beginning of July, the first pair of Morobé was on the market!”

What is the target group of Morobé?
“Women of any age who love fashion forward shoes and an outstanding design. The Morobé-woman is dynamic, powerful and feminine.”

What is the vision and mission of the firm?
With Morobé, we base our outfit on our shoes, not the other way around.”
“We want to make shoes that stand out.” (Quote by Virginie Morobé)

What is the total work force of the company at this moment?
In total we have: 2 co-owners, 2 freelancers, external logistic partners and public relations.”

How does the business create brand awareness?
Mostly due to social media. Besides, we also organise selective collaborations and we try to optimize public relations.”

What was the seed capital? How did you pre-finance the first stage?
The foundation and the first stock shifts were all paid with personal financial resources.”

What is the current distribution of funds?
In phase two of funding, we combined factoring (when a third party -the factor- buys the accounts receivables -the transactions-) together with financial resources of banks. We mostly use these banking resources for the production of our products.”

Does the company have international plans?
“We aren’t active in other countries but Belgium yet. However, we are busy taking that first international step. In January 2017, we’ll be presenting our own showroom in Paris. The showroom in Paris will have the purpose to invite international clients. Besides, we are doing some international trips this month.”

What are the long-term objectives, and what about the short term?
Short-term objectives: Raising our revenue and volume of sales, due to exporting and creating international brand awareness.
Long-term objectives: Building an international brand with a small and passionate team. The goal is to create a brand that stands for happiness and joy. Small is the new big!”

What would you like to say to the readers of F&F?
Everything starts with passion and knowing exactly what you want. Even if you don’t have a huge budget to start with, it will only encourage you to be creative in dealing with these resources. Follow your heart in every decision you make, you learn things every day. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to make decisions.”


Et voilà, everything you wanted to know about Morobé! Go to Unicorn Analysis for more Morobé-magic.

PS: Check out their collection with The Blonde Salad! 

Skirt – La Perla
Blouse – Pinko
Leather jacket – Pinko
Shoes – Morobé

Love, E.


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