Idle Time: part 2


Hey you!

As I promised you last week: here is Idle Time Part 2! The second part of my search for the perfect coffee bars & lunch places in Leuven. 

In total, I picked 6 places for you guys, which are absolutely worth your time (& money)! So when you’re in need of a coffee break or a lunch date with your friends, go to these lovely places asap!   

You can read the first part over here, or just scroll down to discover the second part! 





Barboek is a very original coffee bar in Leuven. As the name suggests, they sell books and offer coffee at the same time.
This place is silent & peaceful, which makes it perfect for a break with a good book and some hot coffee – great combo if you’re in need of some me-time! 😉

Plus: their lemon cake is absolutely divine!
Minus: you have the possibility to study there… (which is actually not too bad, but on our break, we don’t like to be reminded of what we should be doing, right? 😉 )

Location: Schrijnmakersstraat, Leuven
Price: € 


Bar Stan


Bar Stan is actually a well-known lunch place in Leuven, which is fairly odd because it is not really in the city centre. So, the food must be really good, right?!

I discovered this place one year ago, and ever since, I LOVE going there.
Why? Because Bar Stan offers healthy food, great homemade drinks, take away coffee, …
 and all that for reasonable prices!
Most of the time, I stick to my usual: sliced bread with egg salad, which I absolutely recommend. But even if I take something else, I’m just as pleasantly suprised!

As you can see, I’m a big fan! The only downside to this place is that it’s busy around noon. So my advice: get there early enough so you can enjoy their lovely food!

TIP: Try out their brunch on Sunday! 😉

Location: Constantin Meunierstraat
Price: €



Koffie en Staal


My very last recommendation to you is Koffie en Staal. Here you can have coffee, lunch AND buy earrings! (I’m obviously a fan of these “combo places”.)
Personally, I think Koffie en Staal is a really exciting place; great interior and owned by creative founders!
They design, produce and sell furniture (Nono) and jewellery (Nusj) – check out the Nono chairs on the wall (see picture below).

Besides, you should definitely try out their homemade ice tea with peach, and their cakes. Last time they had passion fruit cake!

Location: Mechelsestraat, Leuven
Price: €€



Unfortunately, this is the end of my quest for the ultimate coffee places in Leuven. Hope you guys liked it, and share your experience with me on! 😉

Keep an eye on the blog, there are some exciting things coming up. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Love, E.

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