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Dior SS17

I’m sure you’ll all know Dior, but have you met Maria Grazia Chiuri?
The Italian woman, who started a revolution in the style and performance of Dior.
She worked for Valentino for 17 years, being the right hand of the creative director P. Piccioli, before starting to work for Dior in July 2016.
Besides, she’s the first woman at Dior Womenswear!

Just to add a bit of finance, Dior has annual revenues of about 5 billion euros.
A significant part of this amount is due to the recent input of Chiuri!

Now all about the Dior show at PFW, the first part was more of sports- and streetwear, while the second part was the complete opposite.
In the first half, she created daywear looks as for instance a simple white T-shirt (see picture above). On the other hand, in the second half, she went for princesses, stars (also seen at YSL!) and romanticism. See the beautiful applications on the skirts!

Overall, Chiuri kept her own style.
There were clearly some Valentino-influences in her Dior-looks (check the Valentino-look in the picture below).
During the show, there were a lot of tulle dresses (check!), T-shirts with meaningful slogans (“J’adior Christian Dior”: double check!), and comfy boots (triple check!).

And last but not least, the collection didn’t have that much of color!
At Dior SS17, Chiuri used black, white, nude and a bit of red and blue, which I personally love. I prefer a balanced ‘black and white’-look while giving it a colorful accent (e.g. lipstick & nails, shoes, a bag).

Try out a black tulle (or velvet) skirt with a white T-shirt and add some bright red lipstick and Fendi Iridia sunglasses.
Check out the complete article at  Financial Times!

Love, E.

valentino-49Valentino Fall 2016

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