Discover synergies


New clothes without a budget? Here’s the solution!

1. Look for pieces in your wardrobe that you never wear, but do have potential.
Try turning them into valuable assets for your outfits! Almost every piece can be used for an innovative look.
For instance, an old bootcut jeans combined with an oversized bomber!

2. Moreover, when I want to go shopping (problem: no budget), I often look in the attic.
There you can find some old, beautiful, items.
The bag and the jacket of this look were worn by my mom and grandmother.

3. And last but not least, if you like to throw away clothing, just exchange them with pieces of your friends. 😉

I believe that synergies can be achieved through the right combination of beautiful,
old pieces and your closet.

Get starteeed!!!
Apply it to your wardrobe and tell me at

Jacket & Bag – From the attic
Blouse – Guts Knokke
Jeans – Levi’s Re-Done
Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Love, E.

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