Competitive advantage


Hello again!

When looking at certain fashion blogs, it might frustrate you how these almost only combine high-end brands . This means: expensive.  Therefore, I’d like to give you some tips on how to create a competitive advantage: a fashionable look with pieces for reasonable prices! Who says you need to possess money in order to purchase cool clothes?! 😉

I created kind of a budget-look by selecting basic items from affordable clothing chains (e.g. Zara, H&M, …). Besides, it’s fairly unusual for me to buy pieces with a print, because this gives away the brand name (I don’t like that haha).

My golden tips?
Invest in the most awesome bag and a pair of good shoes, and combine these with pieces that don’t ruin your budget, haha!
Personally, I stick to black: which is a classy and easy colour to combine!

Cap – H&M
Sweater – H&M
Trenchcoat – Zara
Pants – Zara
Bag – Delvaux
Shoes – Laura Bellariva

Love, E.





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