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As you all know, I want to draw attention to Belgian fashion, sustainability and finance. (Or you don’t, but that’s fine haha!)
Last month, I met Marie Martens, a Parisienne with Belgian roots. I got the honour of talking to her about her past and the way she ended up having her own fashion accessory label, ‘Marie Martens’. We decided to combine our strengths by creating 3 looks with her new collection. Meet this smart woman with a creative vision and a banking background.




Marie did not foresee ending up in fashion. Although she made bracelets when she was young, she actually wanted to become an international politician in Belgium. Therefore, she studied at the university of Ghent and went into politics for a while.

As she missed Paris when living abroad, she went back to the City of Light. There, she found a job in… Investment Banking! She was responsible for communications & marketing at the boardroom of Société Générale (SGCIB). How great, right?!
Speaking of Fashion and Finance, haha!



Probably you’re thinking: how did Marie end up having her own label? Well, because she always had a passion for arts and a creative mind, she wanted to create something herself…

However, as I see it, designing and producing a handbag collection is not a piece of cake. One single handbag of ‘Marie Martens’ contains materials from almost ten suppliers, ranging from France to Italy! It’s a complex cycle to get the handbags assembled by craftsmen and then sold in the best boutiques. Yet, when you see the finished product, it’s all worth it!
My personal fav is the hip bag (ofc haha): super comfortable and such a unique piece!
Is it my bday yet? 😉


Soooo, I hope you like the looks as much as I do!
Check out the website and explore her new collection!

Love, E.


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