Circular Economy


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I got a new fav I’d like to share with you: w.r.yuma, a Belgian business from Antwerp producing circular, 3D-printed (and unisex!) sunglasses.

Sooo, the brand’s overall motivation is “waste is only waste when wasted”, which I found very intriguing! Hence, I was eager to find out more about their business model.  I got the honor of meeting the owner, Sebastiaan, who started his own enterprise in 2015.


First up, circularity. The mission of w.r.yuma is to recycle used materials, and turn them into a gorgeous pair of sunglasses. Furthermore, they try to ‘close the loop’. This means, when you buy your w.r.yuma sunglasses you can trade ‘em for another pair later on (when you feel like you’re ready for a new model 😉 ).

Regarding sustainability, big YAY for this business model!


Even more exciting are the used materials, which are transformed to establish the frame of the sunglasses. They are composed out of car dashboards and soda bottles, which determine the colour of your model: overall black or transparent.

It takes approx 90 minutes of 3D-printing for one frame. Of course, the 3D-printing is only one step of the overall production process (carving, bending etc. are all done manually).


Concerning finance, I asked Sebastiaan how the company’s operations are funded, ‘cause, as we all know, 3D-printers are a biiig investment. He gave me a clear answer: the company is fully financed with equity (= own capital). However, they launched a Kickstarter campaign and got enormous public support and recognition! Furthermore, the business received a grant from the city of Antwerp to reward their innovativeness. Says a lot, right? 😉

Soooo, have I made you as excited as I am? Then, let me tell you how you can order yours! You can order online and they’ll send your sunnies by post. The package (it’s in cork!) is specifically designed to fit in your mailbox! The price for a recycled pair of these sunnies? Around 100 euros!


Well, then, can’t say anything more than SUBSCRIBE to w.r.yuma!

Hope you enjoyed!

Love, E.


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