Circular Economy


Hiiiii there,

I got a new fav I’d like to share with you: w.r.yuma, a Belgian business from Antwerp producing circular, 3D-printed (and unisex!) sunglasses.

Sooo, the brand’s overall motivation is “waste is only waste when wasted”,

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Combination Agency


As you all know, I want to draw attention to Belgian fashion, sustainability and finance. (Or you don’t, but that’s fine haha!)
Last month, I met Marie Martens, a Parisienne with Belgian roots. I got the honour of talking

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Fair fashion: LN Knits


As you probably already know by now, I am intrigued by the business behind fashion. The environment cannot be forgotten: successful companies are built on steady foundations. Nowadays, businesses have a responsibility towards our community and the world.

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Long-Term Investment


Hi everyone!

Long term investment, a title with many meanings… For me personally, only two things come to mind: labels (Read: Morobé!) & love.

First of all, the ‘love’ part. A few weeks ago, it was my cousin’s wedding day.

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