Capitant Finance Trip @ Amsterdam



Hi everyone!

“3 days, 5 companies, endless opportunities…”

Last week, I had the opportunity to join Capitant Belgium on their prestigious Intern Finance Trip to Amsterdam. As this was an amazing experience, ofc I wanted to share it with you!

Two weeks ago I applied for this trip, and from the moment I received my confirmation, I got so excited! What will we do there? (What should I wear? 😉 ) How to make that professional impression? 

Happy as I was, we took off to Amsterdam last Wednesday. The purpose of this trip was to determine how it feels to work in investment banking, solve challenging business cases and network with professionals. In total, we visited five of The Netherlands’ most well-known companies in the banking industry.

The schedule:
Wednesday: Rabobank

Thursday: KPMG and ABN-Amro
Friday:  Kempen & Co and Houlihan Lokey


First up was Rabobank in Utrecht (see picture above). Here, we had to solve a M&A (mergers & acquisitions) case, regarding valuation and negotiation. The case was challenging, but super fun. We even got to practice a so-called conference call! As this was the first case of the trip, I was quite nervous, because I didn’t know what to expect.
But that wasn’t necessary at all, because my team won, yay!

Afterwards, we met the employees from the M&A department for drinks and got the chance to ask them all about ‘life @ Rabobank’. For me personally, This was the most interesting part of the day.
Talking to investment banking professionals, while sipping a glass of wine. Can’t get any better, right? 



On Thursday, we went to KPMG and ABN-AMRO. As I was an intern at KPMG Advisory last year, I was excited to check out their Amsterdam office (which is HUGE, by the way) and to meet the people who work there. It was an honour to chat with the employees and get to know their story, experience and objectives.


Houlihan Lokey and Kempen & Co were the last stops of our trip. Although these companies were smaller than ABN for example (they represent a niche market), they were just as exciting. Again, we had the opportunity to solve business cases: perfect to practice our financial and negotiation skills.

Overall, it was an excellent three days of learning, networking and challenging myself. I truly got to know some great tips & tricks in investment banking. I sincerely want to thank Capitant Belgium for this outstanding opportunity!

Oh and last but not least: what to wear on these formal company visits? As a guy, it’s not that hard, as you have to wear a proper suit. BUT for us girls (although we were only 5), it was quite challenging! 🙂

In this outfit I applied my tips of Business Proof #1. I combined a shirt with an irregular cut (wide sleeves) and a skirt, both in the same subtle print. As investment banking is considered formal, I had to step up my game a little, haha! Therefore, I added heels to my look: keep it simple, yet classy! Furthermore, to make my impression a little more accessible, I wore my mohair cardigan on top.

Well, that was it guys. Hope you enjoyed reading!
Now, I’m off looking for a job in Amsterdam! 😉

Skirt and blouse – Pinko
Mohair cardigan – Acne Studios

Love, E.



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