Business Proof #3


Hi there!

It has been a long time since I posted something regarding business clothing. But even though some busy weeks have passed, I have a lot to come up on the site (yaaayyy)!

Currently, the Big Four and other companies are recruiting juniors. Therefore, I thought this was the perfect moment to upload my formal look: Business Proof #3!

I made a little list of all of my go-to tips and tricks for business occasions:

  1. Keep things simple, yet slightly different – a blazer is always a win, combined with pants or a skirt (we’re women, we can)!
  2. Use a touch of colour in your outfit to stand out as an excellent student/junior/… and to make sure they remember you! That’s the reason I’m wearing the peach-coloured blouse: not that expressive, yet still that spark of colour (or go for a special fabric/cut).
  3. Make sure to integrate the colour used in your total look, see the belt for example. You can also go for earrings, bracelets, a scarve, …
  4. Wear heels in order to provide a confident overall expression (+ just because I’m not the tallest person on earth haha).
  5. Create a total strategy; you’re on a mission! Be yourself, be confident, stand tall and remember why you came there. Show off the guts you’ve transferred in your outfit! Even though you’re probably dying inside, don’t show 😉 !


I personally have implemented all of these tips last week during the Leuven Case Competition, organised by Ekonomika. As a matter of fact, my outfit was a valuable asset during the presentations. Even Rik Torfs gave me a small compliment regarding my outfit, haha!

Last but not least, I want to encourage you to go all the way, try to add an accent that creates that extra little something. Do things differently, that’s the only way they’ll remember you! BUT, keep in mind that these things totally depend on the sector you’re operating in. For example, big fail when arriving in a coloured suit for a financial position.

When in doubt about your outfit or you need some more tips on what to wear, don’t hesitate to email me on! Happy to help!

Suit – Mango
Heels and coat- Massimo Dutti
Blouse – Tara Jarmon
Belt – Paul Smith 

Love, E.




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