Business Proof #2


Hello there!

As I promised you last time, here’s the update on Business Proof! I told you I’d come up with 3 different looks: an informal one, a business casual one and a formal one. As my second look, I chose to present to you the business casual one.

When you’re at a business or recruiting event, you naturally want to make a great impression. You want to look accessible, while showing you’re capable and professional.
Hence, be confident, stand tall, and SMILE!

Of course, your outfit has to match this behaviour!
Therefore, I applied all tips & tricks I mentioned in
Business Proof #1:
combine a subtle
print with some kind of colour and/or special fabric.


This time, I chose to wear a simple, bright-coloured dress, by American Vintage. And by combining this dress with a trenchcoat, I managed to create a more sophisticated look.
For me personally, a trench is an essential. It’s a piece you should really invest in!
You can wear it on any outfit and at any occasion.

Furthermore, in order to harmonize all elements, I added a scarf that combines the colours of the dress and the trench. This fuses the outfit into a perfect, balanced ensemble.

Et voilà, ready to impress! 😉

Send me your look at!

Dress – American Vintage
Trenchcoat – Zara
Scarf – Mango
Shoes – Gucci

Love, E.






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