ARTAFACT Asset sale


Hi there!!

Long time no see, I know haha. BUT I have got some amazing things coming up! 
For today, I’d like to give a shout-out to the CLOSET SALE of ARTAFACT tomorrow in Lier, Belgium. 

Do you guys know what an asset sale means? It’s actually a process by which a company is selling a part of its products, division, or product line to another company in return for cash. This raises their liquid assets, which can be further used for investments! Furthermore, literature states its creating synergies (read: positive effects, Discover Synergies) for both parties. 

We can transfer this financial concept to our own. In this manner, we (it’s a fair) can sell our clothes to another party and invest in other pieces ourselves! Through this closet sale, we can shift the pieces we’re not using to someone who definitely will. Speaking of optimizing resources! 

SO, I hope to see you guys tomorrow at the event of ARTAFACT! 

Love, E. 


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